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Functions are data manipulation tools, which accept the data to be changed as a parameter and provide the altered data as a return value. Contrast this to commands, which are actions and instruct the server to make some sort of change.

If you want to display a character sheet or a who list to a player, you need to use a command to instruct the server to display something, but you use functions to collect the data to be displayed, and to format it nicely for display.

A few functions actually make changes on the server. These are called side effect functions, and should be used carefully. The greatest problem with side effect functions (in my personal opinion) is maintainability - a coder doesn't initially expect a function to make a change to the server, and will often overlook functions while trying to find a server-affecting bug.

For this reason, I recommend using side effect functions sparingly, if at all.

Eyes-lf.gif See Also: Functions and compare with commands.

Function Classes

All functions fit into specific categories that describe the functions main use. For instance add() is used to add two integers together, which is a Math operation. Therefor the add() function is in the Math Class.

Functions listed here are Main Functions, which differ from User Functions (Functions created by the user via @function).


abs() add() band() bnand() bor() bxor()
ceil() crc32() dec() die() digest() fdiv()
floordiv() fmod() iabs() iadd() idiv() imul()
inc() isign() isub() mod() mul() pack()
power() rand() remainder() sha1() shl() shr()
sign() sub() sqrt() unpack() floor() round()


eq() gt() gte() lt() lte() max() min() neq()


e() exp() log() ln()


acos() asin() atan() cos() ctu() dist2d() dist3d() pi() sin() tan() vadd() vcross() vdim() vdot() vmag() vmul() vsub() vunit()

Comsystem Information

channels() comalias() comtitle() cwho()

Database Information

exit() inzone() loc() locate() lrooms() mail() mailfrom() nearby() next() num() rloc() room() search() stats() valid() where() zfun() zone() zwho()

Game Information

config() dumping() motd() mudname() poll() version()


choose() columns() extract() elements() foreach() filter() filterbool() first() fold() ilev() index() insert() itemize() iter() ladd() last() ldelete() list() lnum() lrand() map() match() matchall() member() mix() munge() parse() pickrand() remove() rest() revwords() setdiff() setinter() setunion() shuffle() sort() sortby() splice() table() words()


and() andbool() cand() candbool() cor() corbool() land() lor() not() or() orbool() t() xor()


@@() ansi() art() beep() error() fcount() isdbref() isint() isnum() israt() isword() lit() null() r() setq() setr() subeval() textfile()

Object Information

andflags() aposs() attrcnt() bittype() children() cmds() con() controls() ctime() default() edefault() elock() entrances() eval() flags() fullname() get() get_eval() grep() grepi() hasattr() hasattrp() hasflag() haspower() hastype() home() lattr() lattrcmds() lattrp() lcmds() lcon() lexits() lflags() lparent() localize() lock() money() moniker() mtime() name() obj() objeval() objmem() orflags() owner() parent() pfind() pmatch() poss() powers() s() subj() type() u() udefault() ulocal() v() visible() xget()

Player Information

conn() connlast() connleft() connmax() connnum() connrecord() conntotal() doing() findable() hasquota() height() host() idle() lwho() lports() playmem() ports() width()

Side-Effect Functions

create() emit() link() oemit() pemit() remit() set() tel()


empty() items() lstack() peek() pop() push()


accent() after() alphamax() alphamin() before() capstr() case() cat() center() chr() comp() decrypt() delete() edit() encrypt() escape() grab() graball() if() ifelse() lcstr() ljust() lpos() merge() mid() ord() pos() regmatch() regmatchi() regrab() regraball() regraballi() regrabi() repeat() replace() reverse() right() rjust() roman() scramble() secure() space() spellnum() squish() strcat() strip() stripaccents() stripansi() strlen() strmatch() strmem() strtrunc() switch() translate() trim() ucstr() wordpos() wrap()


convsecs() convtime() digittime() exptime() secs() singletime() startsecs() starttime() time() timefmt() writetime()

WOD Realms (optional)


Reality Levels (optional)

hasrxlevel() hastxlevel() listrlevels() rxlevel() txlevel()