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FUNCTION: 20px-Function.png height(playerport)

Returns the height of the client window as reported by Telnet's Negotiate About Window Size (NAWS) option. For clients which do not negotiate the NAWS option, a value of 78 is returned.

If playerport is numeric, it's taken as a port number (as shown in SESSION). Otherwise, it's treated as a player name. If the named player is connected more than once, the height of the session having the smallest idle time is returned.

You and any object with the See_All @power may obtain the height of your sessions.


> think height(me)
You say "26"

Server differences

PennMUSH permits any player to whom you are visible on the WHO list to obtain your session height using your name as an argument (but not by port number). In addition, the SCREENHEIGHT size command can be used to manually set your height if your client doesn't.

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