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The WHO command displays the current roster of connections on the game.


WHO [<prefix>]

The WHO command displays different information depending on the flags or powers set on the enacting player. For normal players who have not been given additional privileges, the WHO report tells you how long a player has been on, how long they have been inactive, and what they are doing (if they have used the @doing command). If <prefix> is specified, only players whose names start with <prefix> are listed. This is a socket command and as such can even be used before connecting.

On TinyMUSH 2.2.5, and PennMUSH, the command must be typed in all caps, but on TinyMUSH 3.1, TinyMUX, and RhostMUSH, this is not necessary.

For players with the Wizard flag, the WHO command returns miscellaneous information about connected players. It returns the player name, connect time, idle time, and player flags just like the player WHO command (which is available as the DOING command), but returns the following information in place of the player's Doing string:

  • Room: The room that the player is in.
  • Commands: The number of commands that the player has entered during this session (not including machine commands).
  • Host flags: (Preceding the Host field) F (Forbidden), R (Registration), + (Suspect)
  • Host: The internet hostname or address from where the player has connected.

On TinyMUX, the expanded_who power will list information identical to that of a player with the Wizard flag.