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Welcome. While we are currently calling this the TinyMUX wiki, it is really a wiki for all servers in the MUSH family. This documentation is community maintained and may be edited and expanded on by anyone.

People write about what they know, so you can expect that some pages will focus on that and exclude the unfamilar. Take it as an opportunity to add and clarify with what you know. It may seem uncomfortable at times to be faced with unfamiliar information, but we want to assure you that the wiki dynamic is quite powerful.

The scope starts modestly enough at hardcode, softcode, and administration issues for the MUSH family of servers, but may eventually grow to include games, softcode libraries, tools, and related efforts. Check out the Suggestions page if you would like to either list a topic or article that you'd like to see here or respond to one already listed.

Other places that are good to start out at if you want to help are the list of wanted pages and the list of stubs (see stub).

General Information

The following topics are useful to a general audience of players, administrators, and those who are curious enough to look around.

Staff and Developer Documentation

The following topics are useful to site administrators or staff members.

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