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A few notes about suggestions:

  • When looking to either submit a suggestion or respond to one, please check to make sure that another similar topic doesn't exist that already addresses the issue.
  • When submitting suggestions, please create a link to the topic if possible, and note the date that you've made the entry. Please submit new suggestions at the end of the list. To create a link, enclose the topic/pagename in a double set of square brackets.


Add a section to the wiki on definitions (suggested on 10/30/2005) Suggested terms: attribute, command, flags, function, locks, inheritance, object

Add an article defining the differences between commands and functions, especially defining the use of side-effect functions and the pros and cons of using them (suggested on 11/02/2005) - Partially completed, see commands and functions. (19 July 2007)

Add descriptive material and design notes about telnet before writing the code. (suggested on 11/05/2005).

Add descriptive material and design notes about SQL before adding SQL connector. (suggested on 11/05/2005).

Suggestions generates topics for the Wiki. Add a Bugs page separate from this specifically for tracking current and future work on the code. Perhaps Work-In-Progress, or Issues is a better name, but Bugs will work. (suggested on 11/07/2005).

Describe flatfile (TinyMUX) format (suggested 09/29/2006).

Describe modules (suggested 06/26/2007).

Add a section to the softcode page on softcode security (Suggested 19 July 2007).

How to build the TinyMUX tar, zip, and patch files for distribution (Suggested 11/30/2007).

How to build the Debian source package for submission to Debian (Suggested 11/30/2007).

How to build a Red Hat rpm package for submission (Suggested 11/30/2007).

How to build a FreeBSD package (Suggested 11/30/2007).