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FUNCTION: 20px-Function.png conn(<player

Returns the number of seconds that <player|port> has been connected. If <player|port> is not connected then -1 is returned.

If <player|port> is numeric, it's taken as a port number (as shown in SESSION). Otherwise, it's treated as a player name. If the named player is connected more than once, the longest connect time is returned.


   > WHO
   Player Name          On For Idle  Doing
   Wizard                00:04   1m
   Mortal                00:11   0s
   Evinar                00:12   6m  Idle. :)
   3 Players logged in.
   > say conn(wiz)
   You say, "251"
   > say conn(e)
   You say, "770"
   > say conn(frobozz)
   You say, "-1"

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