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FUNCTION: 20px-Function.png lwho([<boolean>])

Returns a list of the db numbers of connected players. This returns what a 'WHO' or 'DOING' would return. This takes an optional boolean value. '0' is the default, and '1' returns the player list in the form dbref:port. Only wizards may use the port option.


   > WHO
   Player Name          On For Idle  Doing
   Mortal                00:11   0s
   Evinar                00:12   6m
   Wizard                00:32   6s
   3 Players logged in.
   > say lwho()
   You say, "#226 #271 #1"
   > say lwho(0)
   You say, "#226 #271 #1"
   > say lwho(1)
   You say, "#226:20 #271:5 #1:6"

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