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FUNCTION: 20px-Function.png rloc(object,levels)

This function may be used to get the location of an object's location (for which you would previously use 'loc(loc(<object>))', which fails if you don't control <object>'s location). <levels> indicates the number of nested 'loc' calls to make, so 'loc(loc(<object>))' could be replaced with 'rloc(<object>,2)'. If rloc() encounters a room, the dbref of the room is returned.

You must either control the object or be nearby for it to work. When used on an exit it returns the destination of the exit. You can also use rloc() to find the location of players that are not set UNFINDABLE. rloc(<object>,0) is the same as num(<object>), and rloc(<object>,1) is the same as loc(<object>).

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