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20px-Function.png entrances([<loc>[,<type>[,<low>[,<high>]]]])

Returns a space-separated list of links from elsewhere to <loc>. The results may include exits and drop-to's leading to <loc> as well as players and objects whose home is <loc>. Unlike @entrances, entrances() does not report parent/child relationships. Use children() to obtain this information. <type> can be used to restrict the type of entrances returned: E (exit), T (thing), R (room), P (player). There is a search cost to this function. <low> and <high> can be used to indicate where to start and stop the search, respectively.

40px-Icon stickynote.gif Note: You may only use this command on locations that you control, or else the results will be limited to items you can examine.


   <loc>  -  your current room.
   <type> -  A (all).
   <low>  -  beginning of database.
   <high> -  end of database.


> say entrances() <- all links to here

> say entrances(object) <- all links to object

> say entrances(here,tp) <- everything that lives here

> say entrances(me,a,1000) <- all links to me from #1000 and above.

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