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20px-Function.png list(<list>, <eval>[, <delim>])

This function is exactly like iter() but serves a specialized purpose: MUX has a buffer limit, and for things like lists of players, iter() can quickly become inadequate, since the output is cut off before the listing is finished. The normal way to handle this is to use a @dolist/@pemit combination, but that takes many queue cycles. list() takes <list>, <eval>, and an optional delimiter, and evaluates them exactly like iter(). The difference is the output: iter() produces a space-separated list, while list() outputs each list item on a new row of the screen.

40px-Icon stickynote.gif Note: This is a side effect function. It does not return anything, instead, it prints its output directly to the screen of the player causing the function to be evaluated. Since it does this, it is not hampered by the buffer limit.

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