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FUNCTION: 20px-Function.png (<object>, <string>)

Works the same as @set, <object> and <string> are equivalent to what comes before and after the '=' sign. Returns nothing.

The following demonstrate how to use set() for setting or clearing a flag, attribute flag, or attribute on an object. As with @set, flags are cleared by using an exclamation mark(!) preceding the flag name for both general and attribute flags. For attributes, an empty value after the colon (:) will clear the attribute value from the <object>.

   set(<object>, <flag>)
   set(<object>/<attribute>, <attribute flag>)
   set(<object>, <attribute>:<value>)


> think [set(me,foo:Twenty Pink Pigs)]

> think [set(me,foo:)]

> think [set(me,VERBOSE)]

> think [set(me/foo,!VISUAL)]

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