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20px-Function.png get_eval(<object>/<attribute>)

The get_eval function returns the specified attribute from the named object (just like the get function), except that function references and %-substitutions have already been performed. In function references, 'me' refers to the object being looked at, and %-substitutions that refer to the enactor (such as %n, %#, etc) refer to the object making the get_eval call. If the attribute is not present on <object>, its parent is searched for the attribute.


> @va test = This is a get_eval test on %n. The vb is [get(me/vb)]

> @vb test = VB from test

> @vb me = VB from me

> say get(test/va)

You say, "This is a get_eval test on %n. The vb is [get(me/vb)]"

> say get_eval(test/va)

You say, "This is a get_eval test on Foobar. The vb is VB from test"

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