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20px-Function.png sortby([<obj>/]<attrib>,<list>[,<idelim> [,<odelim>]])

This sorts an arbitrary list according to the u-function <obj>/<attrib>.

This u-function should compare two arbitrary elements, %0 and %1, and return zero (equal), a negative integer (element 1 is less than element 2) or a positive integer (element 1 is greater than element 2).

A simple example, which imitates a normal alphabetic sort:

   > &ALPHASORT test=[comp(%0,%1)]
   > say [sortby(test/ALPHASORT,foo bar baz)]
   You say, "bar baz foo"

A slightly more complicated sort. #1 is "God", #2 is "Amby", "#3" is "Bob":

   > &NAMESORT me=[comp(name(%0),name(%1))]
   > say [sortby(NAMESORT,#1 #2 #3)]
   You say, "#2 #3 #1"
40px-Icon stickynote.gif Note: The function invocation limit applies to this function. If this limit is exceeded, the function will fail _silently_. List and function sizes should be kept reasonable.

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