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FUNCTION: 20px-Function.png room(object)

Returns the dbref of the room that <object> is in, or would be in if it executed LEAVE commands until it got to a room. You can find out the containing room of objects you own, nearby objects, and findable players.


   > i
   You are carrying:
   > look
   Mortal's Room(#367R)
   A bare room with nothing in it but a bed and a chair.
   > say I am in [room(me)], the cat is in room [room(cat)].
   You say "I am in #367, the cat is in room #367."
   > @fo hat=get cat
   cat has left.
   > say The cat is in [loc(#325)] within room [room(#325)].
   You say "The cat is in #368 within room #367."

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