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The Exile branch of the BattletechMUX codebase occured roughly in 1996, headed up by Null (Dez Jacun). Starting with a copy of the then latest BattletechMUX:3030 sources, Null forked off and started his own line of aggressive modifications and rewrites. The codebase that Exile derives from, BattletechMUX 1.3 (Headed up by the staff of Battletech: 3030), had licensing issues preventing the distribution of Null's modifications. Consequently, this branch remained closed to the public until early 2005 when the original BattletechMUX author, Fingon, agreed to re-release the now ancient 1.3 tree under an Artistic License (used by current BattletechMUX).

Although the Exile codebase is now available in its entirety, it has ceased development in favor of the Bt-Online BattletechMUX project, a merging of Exile and Battletech:3030 codebases.

Exile's Innovations

The Exile tree introduced a number of innovative and unique additions to the BattletechMUX scene, including:

  • Player configurable OmniMechs
  • Async SQL
  • The implementation of a large amount of Maxtech and house rules, adapted for the real-time environment
  • Aggressive rewrites for stability and performance
  • A large number of now standard softcode functions and commands
  • Aerotech 2 rules modified for the real-time environment

Key Developers

  • Null@Exile
Original architect, stayed with the project until its merge with Battletech:3030 to form BattletechMUX. Still involved with development work.
Contributed little in terms of actual source additions but provided the administrative effort to keep Exile going, as well as setting new goals and outlining new features for implementation. Eventually took on the role as director of the BattletechMUX project.

You may have seen Exile on...

The Exile tree ran on a small number of sites, but most notably, Exile: Exodus. This site was based on Varxis, an older ancestor featuring a similar setup. Battletech: The Frontier Lands ran on the Exile codebase for about a year and a half before moving over to the new BattletechMUX codebase.