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What is Battletech?

Battletech is a fictional universe set in the distant future. A number of large to small factions are all fighting for their space in the stars, using the massive 13 meter tall war machines called Battlemechs to destroy one another under their cold ferro fibrous feet.

Most BattletechMUXs deal with some place in the Battletech universe and follow the Battletech literature to some degree, others choose to create an entirely different storyline.

So what is this BattletechMUX thing?

BattletechMUX is a text-based realtime rendition of the popular boardgame that was pioneered by FASA (now owned by WizKids). Instead of using a turn-based system, BattletechMUXs are persistent games which are enjoyed by people all over the world rather than at your table.

Using a mass of code known collectively as the Battletech Extensions, players and admins may enjoy playing and creating simple or complex war games based around the Battletech universe.


Text-based Battletech games have been around for over a decade in some form or another, starting back in the days of BattletechMUSE. Eventually the Battletech code was ported over to TinyMUX 1.6 and expanded on. Development continued for years and is still going. See the History page for more details.

Codebases and forks leading up to modern day BattletechMUX include:

Learning More

The best place to learn more about BattletechMUX is the official BattletechMUX website or the BattletechMUX Community Portal.