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Not to be confused with the related Exile branch, The 3030 branch of BattletechMUX was previously viewed as the 'mainstream' BattletechMUX codebase. As of the release of BattletechMUX 1.4 under an Artistic License, distribution of modifications became permitted. This was not the case with the previous 1.3 release. As a result of this, development went public and people were able to contribute to the project and derive and distribute their own works.

The 3030 tree eventually all but ceased development and is no longer actively maintained. The cease in work eventually lead to the current day BattletechMUX project.

The 3030 tree can still be seen in action on Battletech: 3030.

The new BattletechMUX

Starting in late 2004, an efort started to merge the Exile and 3030 branches together. This later formed the current BattletechMUX project, an open and community-ran endeavor.

Key Developers

  • Fingon@3030
Original architect of BattletechMUX. Borrowed from BattletechMUSE.
  • Focus@3030
Took over when Fingon left as the head developer.