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Text-Gaming enthusiast and director of the BattletechMUX project, a derivative and ancestor of modern MUX2 with a focus on combat systems. Although I don't actually run games on MUX2, I do my best to support growth and encourage people to take advantage of this capable server that is being developed and distributed for free.

I currently spend the bulk of my time on the flagship BattletechMUX, Battletech: The Frontier Lands. I like to think of it first and foremost as my site, but also as a testbed for new techniques and ideas for text gaming.

I've been playing text games for over a decade, played on MUSH/MUX for about 7 years, and have been on the staff of various MUX/MUSHs for about 6-7 years. My primary role is softcode and administrator, and I tend to be more interested in complex systems like economic and combat code due to my background in BattletechMUX.

But perhaps most importantly, I'm an asshat, a crude, and I enjoy long walks on the beach under the moon. Root Beer is good too.