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Locks limit who can perform a particular action based on the object type and the action being performed. A number of lock types are available.

    DefaultLock:  Exits:          Controls who may traverse the exit to
                                  its destination.
                  Rooms:          Controls whether the player sees the SUCC
                                  or FAIL message for the room following the
                                  room description when looking at the room.
                  Players/Things: Controls who may GET the object.
    EnterLock:    Players/Things: controls who may ENTER the object if the
                                  object is ENTER_OK. Also, the enter lock
                                  of an object being used as a Zone Master
                                  Object determines control of that zone.
    GetFromLock:  All but Exits:  controls who may gets things from a given
    GiveLock:     Players/Things: controls who may give the object.
    LeaveLock:    Players/Things: controls who may LEAVE the object.
    LinkLock:     All but Exits:  controls who may link to the location if the
                                  location is LINK_OK (for linking exits or
                                  setting drop-tos) or ABODE (for setting
    MailLock:     Players:        controls who may @mail the player.
    PageLock:     Players:        controls who may page the player.
    ParentLock:   All:            controls who may make @parent links to the
    ReceiveLock:  Players/Things: controls who may give things to the object.
    SpeechLock:   All but Exits:  controls who may speak in that location
                                  (only checked if AUDITORIUM flag is set
                                  on that location)
    TeloutLock:   All but Exits:  controls who may teleport out of the
    TportLock:    Rooms/Things:   controls who may teleport there if the
                                  location is JUMP_OK.
    UseLock:      All but Exits:  controls who may USE the object, GIVE the
                                  object money and have the PAY attributes
                                  run, have their messages heard and possibly
                                  acted on by LISTEN and AxHEAR, and invoke
                                  $-commands stored on the object.
    DropLock:     All but rooms:  controls who may drop that object.
    UserLock:     All:            Not used by MUX, is intended to be used
                                  in MUX programming where a user-defined
                                  lock is needed.

40px-Icon stickynote.gif Note: If a player fails the UseLock on a parent of an object being searched for $-commands, then the search for attributes stops and the parent chain is not searched further for matches.

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