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The Command.gif @teleport command moves an object from one location to another. A common alias for this command is Command.gif @tel.

 COMMAND: @teleport [<object>=] <room/thing>
          @teleport [<object>=] <exit>
          @teleport [<object>=] home

The first form of the @teleport command moves <object> (or you) to the named room or thing. The second form sends <object> (or you) to the destination of the named exit, while the third form sends <object> (or you) home. If the destination room has a drop-to, the object will go to the drop-to instead of the named location.

For the first form of the @teleport command, the object being teleported must pass its location's TeloutLock; and you must control the destination, or it must be JUMP_OK and you must pass the destination's TportLock.

The second and third forms let you remove any object from locations you control by sending them through an exit or to their home.

The following switches are available:

    /quiet - Teleports without setting off success or failure messages.
    /list  - Interpret <object> as a space-delimited list of objects.

Objects or objects owned by a player with the FIXED flag may not teleport.

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