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Home is both a property of an object and a command.

For things and players, home is initially the absolute location in which they were created, but may be changed by using the @link command.

For exits, home is the exit's source room - the room in which the exit appears and from which an object can use the exit.

For rooms, home is nothing (represented by the dbref #-1) or is the room's drop-to, the location where objects dropped in the room are sent.

The command "home" teleports a thing or player back to their home. In addition, killing a thing or player sends them home, as does destroying the room they are standing in, or dropping a thing or player that has the STICKY flag set.

Historically, "home" was an "unblockable" command, which lead to the expression "You can always go home." In modern mush servers, however, there are a variety of ways that objects can be prevented from teleporting home (such as the FIXED flag, or disabling or overriding the home command).

The home() function returns the dbref of an object's home.