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kill <player> [=<cost>]

The kill command attempts to "kill" a player; in the context of a mush, killing a player sends them back to their home, gives them an "insurance" payment, and triggers their @death/@odeath/@adeath messages.

An attempt to kill costs 10 pennies by default, but a different cost may be be paid. The probabilty of a successful kill is the same as the money paid, so by default, kill is successful 10% of the time, and paying 100 pennies can make kill sure to succeed. Half of the cost paid is given to the victim as "insurance" if they're killed.

You can not kill a player in a room that they control unless you also control the room. Only wizards can kill players in rooms which have the Haven flag.

Many people find the gratuitous use of kill rude.

See also: slay