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COMMAND: Command.gif @listen <object> = <string>


This attribute contains a wildcard pattern that the object listens for. Anything spoken, posed, emitted, or whispered in the room that <object> is in, as well as messages resulting from using objects (such as Opay and Succ messages) are checked against the Listen attribute. When the object hears something that matches the pattern, it triggers the Ahear attribute, as well as either the Amhear or Aahear attributes, as appropriate, substituting %0 the string that matched the first wildcard character in the Listen, %1 for the second. etc. If the pattern in the Listen attribute is matched, objects in <object>'s inventory will also hear the message and have a chance to match it. Objects whose Listen attribute is set to anything will be listed when a @sweep command is run by someone in the same room.

If the @listen pattern is matched, then the object's contents will hear the message also, prefixed by the text in @inprefix if it is set. Any text that matches any pattern specified in @infilter will not be sent to the contents.


  @listen camera = * has arrived.
  @ahear camera = @va me = %va %0

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