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COMMAND: Command.gif info

Displays detailed version information about the server including the operating system and,for TinyMUX whether WOD_REALMS is included or not. This command can be used before logging from the welcome screen.


 Name:      Name of the game as set by the mud_name configuration paraemeter.
 Uptime:    Timestamp when the game was started.
 Connected: Number of players currently connected to the game.
 Size:      Number of objects in the game database.
 Version:   Version information as specified in the server source.
 Patches:   Additional modules enabled within the server source at compilation.


   > INFO
   ### Begin INFO 1
   Name: MPUG 
   Uptime: Sat Nov 12 10:23:33 2005
   Connected: 30
   Size: 1311
   Version: MUX Alpha 
   ### End INFO

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