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COMMAND: Command.gif @osuccess <object> = <message>]


Sets the message (prefixed by the player's name) that is shown to others in the room or location when someone picks up the named player or thing, goes through the named exit, or looks at the room and passes the room's lock.

Setting Osuccess messages on all takeable objects and usable exits is considered good building practice.

40px-Icon stickynote.gif Note: The @osuccess command is often referred to as @osucc, which is merely an alias for command. In PennMUSH, these are not unique commands and simply set the relevant attribute.


   <object> @osucc vase = carefully picks up the vase.
   <exit>   @osucc doorway = opens the door and leaves the room. The door closes behind %o with a click.

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