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Command.gif get is a command, like 'take' that will bring an object, or an exit into your inventory.


     get[/<switch>] <object>
     get[/<switch>] <exit>
     get[/<switch>] <object>'s <sub-object>


The first form picks up <object> from your location and adds it to your inventory. It will fail if the object is locked against you, or if you are inside a player or object that you don't control and which isn't set ENTER_OK.

The second form takes an exit from your location and adds it to you. Anyone inside you may then use the exit to travel to the exit's destination. You may take exits that you own, and exits owned by others in locations that you own.

The third form takes <sub-object> from <object> and adds it to your inventory. <object> must be ENTER_OK and <sub-object> must not be locked against you for this to work. The lock on <object> is not checked.


    /quiet - Don't perform the @osucc/@asucc or @ofail/@afail attributes on the target object.  This switch only works if you control the object.

<object> and <sub-object> may be either players or things. 'take' is the same as 'get'.

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