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Command.gif @chzone changes the Zone of an object, or resets the Zone to *NOTHING*.


 COMMAND: @chzone <object>=<zone master> 
          @chzone <object>=none

The first form of this command changes the ZONE of <object> to <zone master>. This puts the object on that zone and may (if the zone_control_zmp_only option is off) allow anyone who passes the zone-lock of the zone master to make changes to the object. Any kind of object can be @chzoned, and any kind of object can be used as the zone master.

The second form of this command resets the zone of <object> to *NOTHING*. Anyone can reset the zone of an object s/he owns.

If a player is @chzoned, anything s/he makes afterwards will start out with that Zone, but none of the objects that s/he presently owns will have their Zone changed. Players can @chzone themselves to a master if they own it. Otherwise, only wizards can @chzone players.

To see the Zone of an object, you can use either 'brief' or 'examine' to examine it. The Zone is listed on the same line as the Owner of the object.

Players can @chzone objects they own if they own the zone master or if they pass its @lock/chzone. Wizards can @chzone objects to any zone master as long as the object has a zone-lock.

Whenever an object besides a player is @chzoned to a zone master, the WIZARD, ROYALTY, and TRUST flags will be reset, as will all @power's for security purposes. For similar reasons, it is strongly recommended that you do not @chzone admin- or wizard-owned objects to any zone that less privileged players have access to.

See also: ZONES, @chzoneall