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examine displays detailed information about a specified object.


COMMAND: examine[/<switches>] <object>[/<wild-attrib>]

Displays all available information about <object>. <object> may be an object, 'me', or 'here'. You must control the object to examine it, or it must be set VISUAL. If you do not own the object, you will just see the name of the object's owner, and optionally any public attributes and attributes owned by you set on the object.

If an attribute is owned by a player other than the owner of the object, the dbref of the attribute owner is shown in parentheses immediately following the attribute name. Flag letters may appear in parentheses also, to indicate the status of the attribute. A list of attribute flags is given in the references. If you specify a wildcarded attribute name, then only those attributes that match are shown. So, 'exam me/v?' will show all your attributes that start with v and are two characters long.

The following switches are available:

    /brief  - Shows everything except attributes.
    /full   - When examining an object you don't control, show any public
              attributes set on the object in addition to the owner's name.
    /parent - Includes attributes that are not present on the object itself
              but which are inherited from the object's parent.

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