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@aconnect <object> = <command-list>


@aconnect Sets the actions to be taken by a player upon connecting to the MUX.

The following steps occur in the following order whenever a player connects to the MUX. Parentage is observed.

  1. Execute the connecting player's @aconnect.
  2. Execute the master room's @aconnect.
  3. Execute any @aconnect found on any of the master room's contents.
  4. If the location that the player is connecting into belongs to a zone, then
    a) if the zone object is a thing, execute its @aconnect.
    b) if the zone object is a room, execute any @aconnect found on any of that room's contents.

Common Uses

Simple Uses

  • Setting a @doing
    @aconnect me = @doing You don't want to know.
  • Seeing WHO is online
    @aconnect me = WHO
  • Going home
    @aconnect me = @teleport me=home
  • Announcing to the Public Channel you're online
    @aconnect me=pub :enters, escaping from the clutches of reality.

Multiple Uses

  • Multiple commands can be performed simultaneously on connect by separating them with semi-colons.
@aconnect me = @doing You don't want to know.;WHO;@teleport me=home
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