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@dig[/teleport] <room name>[=<exit to>;<alias>*,<exit back>;<alias>*]

This command is used to create a new room, possibly with exits linking it to the room you are standing in. This command normally costs 10 pennies, although some MUSHes may have different amounts, may restrict this command to those with the Builder flag or power, or may limit the number of objects a player may create by setting a quota.

@dig/teleport will automatically @teleport the digger to the new room once it has been created.

Automatic exit creation

If you use the long form of this command, an exit to the new room from the one you are standing in and an exit back from the new room will both be automatically @open'ed and @link'ed. You may have as many or as few exit aliases for an exit as you like, separated in the command by semicolons. The exit leading to the new room is separated from the exit leading back by a single comma.

See also: @open, @link, EXITS, @create