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Configuration Parameter: log [!]<logoption> [[!]<logoption]...

Specifies the types of events that should be written to the logfile.

accounting Write an accounting record to the log for each player who disconnects.
all_commands Record all commands executed.
bad_commands Record commands entered that did not match anything.
buffer_alloc Record buffer allocates and frees.
bugs Record internal inconsistencies found.
checkpoints Record automatic database dumps.
config_changes Record uses of the @admin command.
create Record creation of new players.
killing Record use of the kill and slay commands
logins Record connects to characters.
network Record new and broken net connections.
problems Record problems found with the database.
security Record security-related events.
shouts Record uses of the @wall command.
startup Record information about game startup.
suspect Record commands entered by SUSPECT players.
wizard Record uses of dangerous commands like @toad.

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