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FLAG: 20px-Flag.gif INHERIT (I)

Previously, Wizard-owned objects had wizard powers. This was a problem in many cases, so that behavior has changed. Now, only Wizard objects or Wizard-owned Inherit-set objects have wizard powers. Only players can set the Inherit flag, and the Inherit flag is reset during @chown. If a player is set Inherit, all his stuff is assumed to be inherit, so his objects can control him. If a player is NOT Inherit, his stuff does NOT control him. (i.e. cannot @force him.) This flag is not especially useful for non-wizards.

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Server differences

In PennMUSH, this flag is called TRUST. INHERIT is an alias for TRUST. The semantics are also quite different. Non-TRUST objects can not control TRUST objects that are owned by the same player or the player themself, regardless of whether the player is Wizard or not. Wizard-owned TRUST objects, however, do not have wizard powers; the Wizard flag must be explicitly set on an object that is to have Wizard powers, and only a Wizard can control a wizard.