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Command.gif @quota check, set, or modify existing player quotas.


Mortals: @quota

Lists your total building quota and the amount you have remaining. Creating things, digging rooms, and opening exits all consume quota.


   Command: @quota[/<switches>] [<player>[=<quota>]]
            @quota/all[/<switches>] [<quota>]]

Lists or sets the player's (or everyone's) remaining or total quota according to the switches used.

The following switches are available in TinyMUX, TinyMUSH, and PennMUSH:

    /all       - Display or set the quota for all players.
    /set       - Set the remaining or total quota to the specified value.

In addition, TinyMUX and TinyMUSH support the following switches:

    /remaining - Set or repair the remaining quota.
    /total     - Set or repair the total quota.
    /fix       - Repair the remaining or total quota, assuming that the other
                 is correct.

Server Differences

PennMUSH provides @squota as an alias for @quota/set and @allquota for @quota/all.

TinyMUSH adds additional functionality to support typed_quotas.

    /room      - Set or repair the room quota.
    /exit      - Set or repair the exit quota.
    /thing     - Set or repair the thing quota.
    /player    - Set or repair the player quota.

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