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Command.gif @clist displays a list of public comsys channels.


COMMAND: @clist[/<option>]

Without any switches, it will display the list of public channels with their owner and description. It will also display all channels you own. <option>, if given, may be either of the following:

   full    - @clist will display more detailed information including
             the channel object's dbref.
   headers - Shows the @clist report with the description column
             replaced by the a column of the channel headers.


   *** Channel Owner Description
   --- Public God No description.
   --- Staff God No description.
   *** Channel      --Flags--  Obj   Own   Charge  Balance  Users   Messages
   --- Public        JXR/jxr    -1    11        0        0     45        129
   --- Staff         JXR/jxr    -1    11        0        0     10         65

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