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Command.gif @cemit issues a message over a comsys channel without prepending the enactor's name.


COMMAND: @cemit[/<switches>] <channel>=<message>

Sends <message> over <channel> prefixed by the channel's name. You must own or control the channel to do this.

The following switches are available:

   /noheader - Sends the message to everyone on <channel> without the
               channel's name prefixed.


   > @cemit Public=This is a test!
   [Public] This is a test!
   > @cemit/noheader Public=This is a test!
   This is a test.

Note: In PennMUSH, @cemit removes the channel's name prefix by default, unless the /noisy switch is used. PennMUSH also has the /noeval switch to prevent <message> from being evaluated. The /noheader switch is unavailable in PennMUSH.

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