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COMMAND: <channel alias> <on|off|who|message|:pose|;pose>

The channel alias allows you to use the comsys channel, to turn it on and off and check who is online. If you have forgotten what your aliases are, see the help for 'comlist'.

   'on'   allows you to turn an alias/channel on.
   'off'  lets you turn off that alias/channel.
   'who'  shows you who is on that channel, which the channel name appended
          to the bottom.

You may send a message over the channel with <alias> <text>, where <text> is the message to be sent, or you can pose on a channel with <alias> :<text> or <alias> ;<text>


   > pub Hello, World!
   [Public] Player say, "Hello, World!"
   > pub :waves.
   [Public] Player waves.

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