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Command.gif @cboot forecfully removes an object from a channel.


COMMAND: @cboot[/quiet] <channel>=<object>

@cboot forcefully removes an object from <channel>. Only wizards or the owner of the channel can use this command.

You may specify a player name as <object> if you prefix it with an '*' (e.g., '*Player1'), otherwise <object> should be a dbref or if you are in the same room, the name of an object or player.


   > @cboot Public=*Player1
   [Public] Staff1 boots Player1 off the channel.
   [Public] Player1 has left this channel.

Note: PennMUSH 1.8.1 patch 6 and later (possibly earlier verions of PennMUSH as well) do not use this command. Use the @channel command with the syntax, "@channel/off <channel>=<player or object>.

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