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@alias is a command to set a player's alias, which provides an alternate name by which the player is known.


Syntax: @alias player = name
Attribute: Alias

The alternate name is only used for players when referenced as '*<name>' or by commands that only take playernames (such as page or @stats). You may not set an alias on any other object type.

When setting an alias, the alias is checked to see that it is both a legal player name and not already in use. Only if both checks succeed is the alias set.

See also: @name.

Relevant help files: help @alias.

Server differences

PennMUSH supports multiple aliases for a player. They are set by separating aliases with semicolons:

Syntax: @alias player = name;other name;other name;...

The max_aliases configuration directive can limit the number of aliases a mortal player may have. A wizard may have any number of aliases.