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I'm one of those people who floats around the MUSH/MUX world for no real reason. I've been softcoding for a while.

In my early days I was paranoid about efficiency and speed. Now I'm more concerned about features, uniqueness, security, and maintainability, with an eye still kept on speed.

I enjoy softcoding pointless things like a mandelbrot viewer, a pie chart generator, and a discrete cosine transform function, all viewable on BrazilMUX.

I'm frustrated by people who refuse to learn softcode on some unfounded premise such as "I simply don't have the ability" or "I know I can't" and often "That would take too much time". If it's not important enough for you to spend effort on, it's not important enough for me to spend effort on.

I'm tired of canned code and MUSHes that have generic +who's lost in a sea of simple unthemed random text line art. I like good use of colors, and consistent interfaces. I'm tired of code that doesn't wrap, doesn't output in a visually appealing manner, and doesn't feel like it fits in with other code. Yes, I'm shallow, but the better things look and feel, the more content people will be, and more will get done.

I've created a tagged language accompanied by a parser written in softcode that adjusts for width, style, and visual arrangement of text, useful for creating +help and news topics.

I've created a spinning ANSI logo that fools the MUX parser into outputting ANSI codes which were never intended so the frames are overlayed.

But above all, I'm whiny and lazy. ;-)