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Remote Process?

Loki 14:19, 10 April 2006 (EDT)

Reading this, it sounds like what you're really doing is executing a remote process, sending it some data, retreiving some data, and then pulling it back into the MUX. I just had a crazy idea based off this ... why not allow MUX to just call an external program like normal, and read the results? Then one of the 'core' programs could be a simple php script or the like that connects to the mysql database, sends a query, then reports back the response. The reason I suggest this is that I could see uses for writing and recording data, reading it back ... if God (or Wizards, or something) could interface with the Shell like that, it would really open up a lot of options for other projects, as well as making SQL easily integrateable.

Just gotta come up with a way to manage control characters, but that shouldn't be too difficult I don't think. :)

What about XML?

It seems to me that allowing an XML file to be created based off of a definable DTD would actually be simpler. Just a though.

BlackRook 14 January 2007

Another security feature would be to tie a flag to any calls allowable to the SQL interface. This way, only objects and players with the flag can execute anything.