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SGP stands for 'Sandbox Globals Project' and is also commonly used to refrence the primary product of that project, the SGP Globals package.

SGP Globals

A common softcoded globals package that is available for download and also comes included with the minimal 'starter' netmux.db that ships with TinyMUX 2.x. It is purported to work on TinyMUSH 2.2.x, TinyMUX 1.x and 2.x, PennMUSH and RhostMUSH. It does not install correctly on TinyMUSH 3.x, although may be made to function properly with some time and elbow grease.

From the +help that ships with SGP globals.


  Index of helpfiles, V1.0 (1 AUG 00)

  +beginner      +cnotes        +finger        +finger-setup  +glance
  +ic            +info          +info-setup    +knock         +3who*
  +lwho          +shout         +staff         +staff/all     +timestamp
  +timestop      +uptime        +view          +view-setup    +warn
  +where         +who           @register      BACKGROUNDS    CREDITS
  mutter         OOC            PLACES         places-config  places-options

  To get help on any of the listed topics, type '+help <topic>'