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An objid is a string that uniquely identifies an object for all time on a given MUSH. Unlike a dbref, an objid is never reused.

The current objid format is the object's dbref, followed by a : (colon), followed by the object's creation time, in seconds. For example, #7:841701384. It is assumed by design that it will be impossible to destroy and recreate an object in the same second.

The objid format is intended to be extensible. A natural extension would be to include another colon and a unique identifier for the MUSH on which the object was created, in order to provide an identifier that is unique for all time on all mushes (this would require a secure way to uniquely identify a mush, however).

PennMUSH supports objids, and generally accepts them anywhere a dbref can be used. The %: substitution returns the enactor's objid, and the objid() function returns the objid for a given object.