Myrddin's Bulletin Board

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From the download site:


  • Multi-subject/group bulletin board system, coded specifically to be used globally.
  • Lockable groups. Locks can be as simple or as complex as needed. Groups can have seperate locks for reading and writing, allowing you to set up groups that are read-only for the general populace of the MUSH (good for IC newspapers, staff-to-player announcements, etc). Also included is a wizard command that will automatically lock groups based on flags (wizard, admin, staff, etc) or attributes (race:were, race:mortal, etc)
  • Unread status. Board keeps track of which messages a player has read. Unread messages will be marked as such. The +bbread command allows for a player to automatically read all unread messages in any group. Likewise, a +bbcatchup command allows users to mark all messages in a group as read.
  • +bbscan command. This command will give you a brief list of how many unread messages are in each group. This command was designed to be placed in a player's @aconnect attribute. Combined with the ability to read all unread messages in a group, this allows for players to quickly and easily stay current with the bulletin board.
  • Split posting. Users can either post a message with a single command, or 'split' the posting as they're writing it (similar to the way you would compose mail using the Brandy Mailer).
  • Leave/Join groups. Players can remove themselves from groups, making the list of groups they see shorter, and allowing them to omit groups they have no interest in. Obviously, they can rejoin whenever they wish.

See Myrddin's MUSH Code Repository to download the softcode installer package.