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Command.gif comtitle sets, removes, or toggles the appearance of comtitles on comsys channels.


 COMMAND: comtitle <alias>=<title>
          comtitle[/<option>] <alias>

This command allows you to prefix your name on a channel with a title. The second form contains a switch that allow you to turn on or off the ability to see comtitles. <option> can be on of the following:

   on      - comtitles are shown to you.
   off     - poses are shown to you without their comtitles.

Anonymous channels (@cset/anon) do not allow their comtitles to be turned off.


   > comtitle pub=The Great and Powerful
   Title set to 'The Great and Powerful' on channel Public.
   > pub :waves to everyone.
   [Public] The Great and Powerful Foobar waves to everyone.

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