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CONFIG PARAMETER: article_rule <article> <regular expression>

DEFAULT: All articles default to a

The article_rule parameter adds a new rule to the list which the art function uses to determine which article to use for a particular word (either a or an). New rules are moved to the head of the rule-list so rules appearing later in the configuration will override rules at the beginning; hence the most general rules should come first followed by a set of exceptions. The art() function tests for matches in order, so only the first matching rule counts.

<article> is either 'a' or 'an' stating what article to give when art() matches input to a rule.

<regular expression> is a regex which forms the body of the rule.

For most games the default set of rules in the configuration files should be sufficient.


> @admin article_rule=an ^[aeiou]

> @admin article_rule=an ^herb

> say art(avocado)

You say "an"

> say art(head)

You say "a"

> say art(herb)

You say "an"

> say art(herbal)

You say "an"

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