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From the download site:

New Features in Version 5

  • Summaries - extend the functionality of buckets with the new summary feature.
  • Skins - Anomaly now comes with the Default and Chrome skin, and the ability to create your own for your game.
  • Reports - Advanced tracking for jobs, including bar and and pie charts.
  • +job/query - New behavior, including letting players respond directly to the query job.
  • +job/publish - Control the comments a player can see in job.
  • Logging - Support for logging completed jobs to a server side log file.
  • Configuration Options - Advanced configuration options for jobs and buckets.
  • +myjobs - Advanced support for +myjobs which allows the job to be sourced to more than one player.

Standard Features

  • Tiered access control. Control who can see what, and who can use which commands.
  • Jobs stored in organizational buckets, and gives you the ability to add or destroy buckets as needed.
  • Add information to a job - without fear of hitting the 8k buffer limits.
  • View all actions performed on a job with a timestamp and owner of the action.
  • Settable due dates.
  • Settable escalation codes - jobs are color-coded based on priority: Green/Yellow/Red.
  • Assign a job to someone.
  • Automatic escalation of priority if a job goes into overdue status.
  • Main job lists shows which jobs have new activity.
  • Simple, intuitive command structure.
  • Access locks on individual buckets. Control who can see which jobs.
  • Ability to hide buckets from the standard list, to keep the list from being too spammy.
  • Integration with Myrddin's BBS for archiving completed jobs and progress tracking.
  • Script installs the entire system with no user intervention, including BBS integration.
  • Compatible with MUX 2.x and MUSH 3!
  • Security-conscious coding.
  • Help files included.
  • Query players with a paper trail.
  • Customizable bucket triggers.

See the download site for the softcode package in .zip format.