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COMMAND: Command.gif @timecheck[/<switches>]

An accounting of how much total CPU time has been used to execute commands on each object.

Win9x caveat: Win9x does not provide a number of how much CPU time the TinyMUX game server has consumed and so instead of CPU time, we use a high-resolution elapsed time instead. For some CPUs, the resolution of this clock can be as high as the processor itself, but as useful as this is, this accounting does not make a distinction between time spent in the server and time spent in another unrelated application.

The command takes the following switches:

   /screen     Print information to the screen.
   /log        Print information to the logfile.
   /reset      Clear the counters.

If no switches are provided, printing to the screen and clearing the counters are assumed. The counters are otherwise not cleared unless /reset is specified.