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@destroy destroys an object and refunds its cost of creation to its owner. You must own the object in order to @destroy it, unless its DESTROY_OK flag is set, in which case anyone holding it may @destroy it.

Rooms, exits, and objects may be destroyed, although the actual destruction of rooms is delayed for up to ten minutes and the GOING flag is set on the victim room.

If a thing OR its owner is set DESTROY_OK, the thing will be destroyed with no delay. This can also be performed with the /instant switch.

The @destroy command will not destroy objects with the SAFE flag set unless the /override switch is specified. The DESTROY_OK flag overrides the protection given by the SAFE flag.

The following switches are available:

/override - Negate protection offered by the SAFE flag.
/instant - Destroy with no delay.

@nuke is an alias for @destroy/override.

Server Differences

On PennMUSH and TinyMUX, @destroying an object that's already GOING will destroy it immediately.

On PennMUSH, @recycle is an alias for @destroy.

On TinyMUSH and TinyMUX, clearing the GOING flag on the room spares it from destruction. On PennMUSH you cannot unset the GOING flag. It provides the @undestroy command instead. In the days before an @undestroy procedure, it was customary to enable the @nuke and @recycle aliases and disable the @dest alias, because @desc was easily mistyped as @dest.