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COMMAND: Command.gif @aclone <object> = <command-list> ATTRIBUTE: Aclone

Sets the actions to be taken by a new object that has just been created as the result of a @clone command. The contents of the Aclone attribute are run by the new object and not by the old object.

This attribute is only meaningful for things, and will never be automatically triggered on other object types. It is also possible to check the zone object/objects in the zone parent room for an @adisconnect. If one is found, it will be executed when a player disconnects in that zone.

Example: @aclone Time bomb = @wait 600=@trig me/va;@wait 10=@trig me/vb
         @va time bomb = :EXPLODES with a thundering roar;@destroy me
         @vb time bomb = :ticks.; @wait 10=@trig me/vb

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