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COMMAND: Command.gif @@ <args>

This command and everything after it (excluding the command-separator ';') is not evaluated by the parser. This is useful for adding comments in softcode or, more commonly, writing comment headers for softcode installers (such as /quotable text files).

40px-Icon stickynote.gif Note: @@ must be followed by a space or it will return an error message.

Always be doubly sure that ()'s and {}'s in the (otherwise ignored) arguments are nested correctly, so that any semicolons used to separate it from subsequent code in the line are recognized by the parser.


    > @va me=$foobar *:@fo #1234=%0;@@ This controls my foobar puppet.
    > foobar say Hello World!
    foobar says "Hello World!"
    > @@ --- Begin Code ---
    > @emit Hello World!
    > @@ --- End Code ---
    Hello World!

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